Your click could be worth $50,000

Your click could be worth $50,000

Between July 30 and August 2, your vote could help win a $50,000 production grant as part of Storyhive’s 2018 Documentary Edition. Telus has partnered up with Storyhive to offer 30 packages of $50,000 to documentary artists in Alberta and British Columbia.

We have entered the Minha Terra documentary to win this funding and we’re counting on supporters just like you to help us win. All we are asking for is a few minutes of your day so you can vote — up to four times — between July 30 and August 2.

You can vote once each day. That’s four votes in total.

By winning this grant, we won’t need to rely on our friends, family and followers for financial support. Most of our production costs would be covered by this grant.

Storyhive is a company that works with the National Screen Institute to help filmmakers with funding, support and mentorship opportunities and has helped projects come to life online and around the world.

Voting opens on July 30. Save the date(s) and we’ll provide you with the tools to vote.

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