Short Synopsis


“Minha Terra” will be a 20 minutes documentary about the creative process behind Denis Nassar’s orchestral piece also called “Minha Terra.” This documentary explores the challenge of writing an orchestral composition based on the pitch and rhythm from different spoken voices.

While this is based work on common Brazilian expressions and sayings, Nassar takes us even deeper in to the music of the language by exploring dialects from different regions of Brazil and examining the music hidden behind everyday experiences.

Follow us on this journey as we examine fundamental questions and powerful themes:

  • How can a foreign language provide a richer aural experience?
  • Why did Nassar choose language as the basis of his composition?
  • Is language, in fact, a type of music?
  • How does the region impact the language and music?
  • How does the composer transcribe language into music?
  • What do other world-renown composers think about this approach to writing music?


Join us as we explore sounds and language, discover the music in everyday auditory experiences and unravel the mysteries that inspired Minha Terra.

We’ll take viewers through beautiful Brazilian landscapes and reveal a bit of this rich, yet often underestimated culture.

Our tour will also take us to the United States and Europe to meet with world renowned composers that first used and developed this technique in a variety of musical styles – and provided the inspiration for Denis’ work.

Back in Alberta, we’ll meet with artists and musicians to see what they have to say about Minha Terra and the foreign dialect from which it was inspired.

We’ll wrap up this journey, by listening to and watching excerpts of the world premiere performance of Minha Terra by the University of Calgary Orchestra.

 Become immersed in a new world of sounds and rhythms. Hear the language, feel the music, and take a journey to Minha Terra – my land.